Mayacamas - Mayacamas Chicken Flavour Gravy Mix

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Why we love Mayacamas Vegetarian Turkey Flavour Gravy Mix

It's a convenient and easy-to-use packet that makes 3-4 servings of sauce. A well-liked brand established in 1972, Mayacamas has brought its delicious and wholesome line of pasta sauces, gourmet sauces, seasonings, and gravies to millions of families over the years.

What makes Mayacamas Vegetarian Turkey Flavour Gravy Mix different

Mayacamas Fine Foods products are made in their dedicated gluten-free and nut free facility. This wholesale gluten-free food product is made with straightforward ingredients, making them not only highly affordable, but also suitable for people with many of the common food sensitivities and allergies.

Mayacamas Vegetarian Turkey Flavour Gravy Mix product description

  • Gluten-free
  • No hydrogenated oils / trans fats
  • Vegetarian
  • Family owned


Vegetarian Chicken Flavour Gravy Mix: Rice flour, hydrolyzed corn protein, onion*, salt, spices. *Dehydrated

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