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In 2000, Peter and his wife, Valencia, launched Okanagan Wineland Dressings, and it's now their full-time gig. They added Raspberry & Black Pepper and Cilantro & Lime vinaigrettes tot he line-up early on, and Fresh Herb & Garlic, Blackberry Basil, and Blueberry vinaigrettes more recently. All are made by hand in small batches with no added sugar. Now, the bottles are sold all over the Okanagan in specialty food shops and at fruit stands and wineries, as well as throughout the BC Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island.

Our raspberry and black pepper vinaigrette is very different from most raspberry dressings as it is not sweet. The sharpness is taken off with the addition of a little honey. It is great on spinach salads, mixed greens and seafood salads. It is also very low in sodium.

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